About us

In the wrapper of the Narwiański and Biebrzański national park they are suiting Kiermusy Manor above Meadows, called the “Mainstay of bison and noble tradition”. Kiermusiańskie estates are historical – holiday complex which consists a few objects about unusual to such a scale, character.

The complex comprises Manor, Jantarowy Castle, Inn Rome, Courtly Fours (bungalow’s) and House of Rasputin (amount of all beds is 108). Since several years Kiermusy specialize in organizing holidays, both organized groups and individual guests (we have six conference rooms, falling from 15 to 100 people, including 280). We can organize events for 120 people at the Castle and 200 in the Inn.

Kiermusy are completely prepared to undertake any project in a manner that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding customers. The reputation of the object is confirmed in the broad world of business, hotel services and tourism, as well as private customers.